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Manufacturing Process

Patented Precision

Through our revolutionary building methods, Whisper Creek Log Homes provides primary residences and recreational cabins with a difference. Our homes have the appearance of a traditional “full log” product but without the inherent shortfalls such as shifting, cracking, checking and shrinking which is a cause of drafts and heat loss. Besides the lengthy construction time, a full log home is very expensive as well. We provide an affordable log home that is quick to build and provides long lasting, trouble-free stately beauty for years of enjoyment! Imagine sitting back and relaxing in your Whisper Creek Log Home — the ultimate in log home living!

Step One

The dealer helps the customer pick the model that best suits their needs.

log home blueprint
log home model
log home front
log home exterior

Step Two

The order goes to the plant, and the 2x6s for the walls are cut to dimension.

log home planks
log home construction
log home cutting
log home walls

Step Three

The pieces are assembled on a template table, air-nailed, and Parallam beams are added over window and door openings.

log home assembly
log home nailing
log home parallam beams
log home template table

Step Four

7/16-inch wall sheathing is applied to shear wall standards, and a quality house wrap is applied to protect the home against moisture.

log home sheathing
quality house wrap
shear wall standards
log home moisture protection

Step Five

Each wall is custom built using 8 and 10 inch hand-crafted half logs, which are fastened to the wall at the top and bottom at 16 inch intervals, fixed directly into the 2x6s.

hand crafted log
log home wall building
half log walls
log home wall construction

Step Six

Maintenance-free, low-e, double-glazed vinyl windows are installed.

log home window
low-e windows
vinyl windows

Step Seven

The structure of the wall is now complete and is moved to the staining area where your choice of stain is applied to exacting specifications. Once dried, the finishing touch of your choice of chinking is added. This step, more than any other, creates a unique and rugged elegance for your home that is unmatched.

log home custom staining
log home chinking
log home nailing
log home stained wall

Step Eight

At the other end of the plant, the porch components — 12-inch log posts and hand railing — are stained to match the walls of the structure.

log post assembly
log post corners
log home hand railing
custom stained hand railing

Step Nine

Interior railing, stairs, 16-inch center post, 12-inch purlins, loft logs, end posts, and brackets are all individually wrapped to protect them during delivery.

log home delivery
wrapped logs
log home railing
log home protection

Step Ten

Everything is loaded onto the trailers for transportation to the customers’ site.

log home wall
log home windows
log home transportation
log home delivery truck